Subject: Re: pkgtools/pkg_install failure on current (3:40 CST) pkgsrc
To: walt <>
From: Lurch <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/22/2004 17:03:30
On Sat, Feb 21, 2004 at 10:40:15AM -0800, walt wrote:
> Lurch wrote:
> ># locate /util.h | xargs grep nbconfig.h
> ># 
> That's weird.  It would be weirder still if util.h did contain a
> reference to any package headers, of course, but your error message
> does imply that line 39 of util.h is the one complaining about the
> missing file.  Just for grins, what is line 39 of util.h?  Also,
> how many different util.h files do have on your machine?  Are
> there any in /usr/pkg/include for example?
> >The build still fails in the same spot for libnbcompat and pkg_install... 
> >I'm
> >going to file a pr soon because I can't use pkgsrc until this is 
> >resolved...
> Hm.  Now you mention it I don't have any pkg_install on my machines,
> though I do have libnbcompat installed.  Is there a specific reason
> you need the pkg_install package?

Well, it's actually working now... I think it might have been pdksh weirdness.
Anyways, I need pkg_install to use pkgsrc. It's called 1.6.1, it shipped with a
now obsolete version. 

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