Subject: Re: pkgtools/pkg_install failure on current (3:40 CST) pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: walt <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/21/2004 10:40:15
Lurch wrote:

> # locate /util.h | xargs grep nbconfig.h
> # 

That's weird.  It would be weirder still if util.h did contain a
reference to any package headers, of course, but your error message
does imply that line 39 of util.h is the one complaining about the
missing file.  Just for grins, what is line 39 of util.h?  Also,
how many different util.h files do have on your machine?  Are
there any in /usr/pkg/include for example?

> The build still fails in the same spot for libnbcompat and pkg_install... I'm
> going to file a pr soon because I can't use pkgsrc until this is resolved...

Hm.  Now you mention it I don't have any pkg_install on my machines,
though I do have libnbcompat installed.  Is there a specific reason
you need the pkg_install package?