Subject: pkgsrc "preferences" according to OS
To: None <>
From: Michal Pasternak <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/16/2004 20:50:19

on both FreeBSD 4 and FreeBSD 5, mysql4-client needs GNU readline.

"System" readline might be okay for other packages, so there is propably no
need to set it global.

Currently, it is buildlink2, so I use USE_GNU_READLINE in /etc/mk.conf . For
buildlink3, the variable will be propably different, but the idea stays the
same: what's the best way to choose pkgsrc version of a package in such case?

 * /etc/mk.conf installed by bootstrap
 * make ${OPSYS} check in readline/ (as bl2 is being obsolete =>
   it's no sense)
 * databases/mysql4-client/Makefile?

 * defs.${OPSYS}.mk defines BUILDLINK_PREFER.${PKGNAME} ?

 * other place?
Any opinions?