Subject: update of FLTK from 1.0.11 to 1.1.4
To: None <,>
From: Ben Collver <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/14/2004 22:52:26
Good day,

Here's an update of x11/fltk from 1.0.11 to 1.1.4.

I would like to update x11/fltk to 1.1.x so that I can enable FLTK in
audio/csound-bath and audio/csound-dev.  According to the stable,
supported version is 1.1.x.  I tested the pkgsrc packages that depend on
FLTK, except for emulators/palmosemulator, which wouldn't build in the
first place.  I was a little fuzzy on the libtool-ization, so I imitated
the 1.0.11 package and I think it is done correctly.

Would someone please test this and give me feedback?

Thank you,

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