Subject: Re: Choosing pkgsrc's version of freetype2 and friends over XFree's
To: Soren Jacobsen <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/13/2004 02:24:17
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> freetype2 from pkgsrc (as it stands right now)?  Ugh.  The bytecode


> interpreter code is not built, so fonts look much uglier when using the
> pkgsrc version.  In xsrc (and so, I guess, in the default XFree86
> distribution) it is enabled.  I noticed this the other day when
> BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.freetype2 was bumped.
> I'm really not sure about the legal stuff, but
> makes it seem like we may
> be stuck in ugly land (that is, those of us in the United States).

I think we should do it like it's done in the FreeBSD port (and suggested=20
by Michal) and add a Makefile knob and a MESSAGE.

> I wonder if I'm just picky about my fonts and nobody else cares about
> this..

Yes, you are picky. ;-)

Marc Recht
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