Subject: Re: Choosing pkgsrc's version of freetype2 and friends over XFree's
To: Marc Recht <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/12/2004 11:38:42
On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 02:58:09AM +0100, Marc Recht wrote:
> For some time now we have problems in pkgsrc with regard to libs that are 
> also part of XFree86, but in older versions. Some pkgs in pkgsrc are happy 
> with XFree's versions while others, like Xft2/pango, need newer ones. In 
> some cases this leads to libraries get linked to both, the pkgsrc and the 
> XFree version.
> I've made some patches (attached) to always select the pkgsrc versions to 
> fix those issues. I'm running with those patches for weeks now with any 
> problems.

With a -current pkgsrc, you should be able to accomplish the same thing
by adding the following to /etc/mk.conf:

	PREFER_PKGSRC=	MesaLib freetype2 glu Xrender

or if you'd prefer that pkgsrc be completely self-consistent:


If you choose the latter option, you can still prefer the native versions
of specific packages with, e.g.,

	PREFER_NATIVE=	bzip2 openssl zlib


	-- Johnny Lam <>