Subject: gcc on FreeBSD problem again
To: None <>
From: Michal Pasternak <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/07/2004 23:03:32

while building gcc3 on FreeBSD:

	checking for main in -lunwind... no
	Please update *-*-freebsd* in gcc/config.gcc
	Configure in /usr/build/builds/lang/gcc3-c/work.mainframe/gcc-3.3.2/gcc
	failed, exiting.

It is really simple to fix, in fact I have submitted a fix for this:
about 47 days ago. This problem occurs also with mingw.	

Whole FreeBSD Ports (10,000 packages, according to the hype) use the same
setting (machine arch is i386-pc-freebsd4.9 or -freebsd5.x) and nothing bad

I have built many packages and used them for about 4 months on
FreeBSD-STABLE system, and nothing bad happened, they worked, that setting
didn't break no builds.

You can fix this situation in 2 ways, either patch pkgsrc or add a patch for
gcc and mingw, but as I wrote in the PR, there is no sense in patching the
packages themselves, because a package should have a possibility to check,
on which version of FreeBSD it is built on. It is important for packages
like gcc & binutils, which are rather tightly linked with the operating

OTOH, I didn't found packages, except mingw and gcc3, which would need such
setting, but IMO it should be worth declaring LOWER_OPSYS_VERSUFFIX for

I am awaiting your comments.

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