Subject: Re: Unifying the handling for xsrc, XFree86, and freedesktop
To: Johnny C. Lam <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/05/2004 14:55:30
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> Before I wade in and retool how X11 is supported in pkgsrc (buildlink2
> and buildlink3, in particular), I'd like some clarification of how the

This really needs overhaul. While doing this you should keep in mind that=20
the libs could be used with xsrc as well (AFAIK=20
pkgsrc-XFree86 uses them by default). Naturally, those libraries=20
have depenencies on other libraries as well. This is why I think=20
that a per library version comparision will fail eventually.
For example: qt3-libs
If you take Xrender from pkgsrc, but not xcursor then end up with a library =

which is linked against Xrender two times, since xcursor also has a Xrender =


IMHO the way to go is to look at "library-sets/-groups" like eg. "XBASE",=20
"XEXTENSIONS". Where XBASE could identify xsrc, pkgsrc-XFree86 or's =

X11 libs. XEXTENSIONS would be Xrender, fontconfig and friends, which could =

switch between's extensions and the ones from xsrc's s. I doubt=20
that the xsrc-extensions are usefull, though. Since newer Gnome2/KDE3 apps=20
start to depend or already depend on the (newer) versions.

Marc Recht
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