Subject: Re: ORBit didn't buildlink any include or libraries
To: grant beattie <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/31/2004 10:16:00
On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, grant beattie wrote:

> > I think the USE_BUILDLINK3 works fine for me when USE_X11 is set, but when
> > not set, it doesn't make the symlinks. So to verify this, I went back to
> > USE_BUILDLINK3 and and I also defined USE_X11 for
> > net/ORBit/Makefile. And it properly made the .buildlink/lib and
> > .buildlink/include links.
> it seems weird that this is related to USE_X11, as glib isn't
> installed into ${X11PREFIX}, nor does it use any X stuff (does it?)

It doesn't use X.

> maybe setting USE_X11 fixes it by hiding the real problem.

But all the buildlink3 scripts remove and change directories, etc. I
believe it sees the same directories twice and they are removed.

I forgot to mention, but my examples showed, that my LOCALBASE is /usr

I had similar issues months ago with buildlink2 and I had to patch it

   Jeremy C. Reed