Subject: Installing teTeX-bin
To: None <>
From: Mahesh Chittur <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/31/2004 00:16:57
I was trying to install the package doxygen, which requires the package 
"teTeX-bin". I found a strange behaviour during installation of the package 

Let me give a picture of my current file system.

Intially all pkgsrc are under /usr/pkgsrc. I installed doxygen present 
/usr/pkgsrc/devel/doxygen. Which went good, no problems there.

Later, i created another seperate pkgsrc, under ${HOME}/pkgsrc. I made the 
appropriate changes to .mk files. All the binaries, libraries, docs, etc..., 
are installed under ${HOME}/pkg/<respective dir> e.g..,
bin under ${HOME}/pkg/bin
libs under ${HOME}/pkg/lib etc....

When i tried to install doxygen under this new pkgsrc, it failed during 
installation of "teTeX-bin". Well, problem for failure was that, while 
installing teTeX-bin, It runs a few programs that help in determining where 
different config files are present. Apparently, when the script "kpsetool" 
gets called, it in turn calls for a executable "kpsewhich".

kpsetool code :-
case "$action" in
  kpsewhich)  <===== Problem
    test $# .....

Problem  ====>

    Now there, are two sets of  "kpsewhich",  first one got installed when i 
built doxygen under /usr/pkgsrc and another "kpsewhich"got installed when i 
was installing doxygen under ${HOME}/bin. Since, initially i didn't have the 
path environment variable set up properly, i got the wrong result, because 
the script fetched the wrong "kpsewhich" ( present under /usr/pkg/bin) and 
not from ${HOME}/pkg/bin, and the package teTeX-bin did not install. After 
realizing the problem, i changed my path to ${HOME}/bin:${PATH}. It was able 
to look into the correct file, and installation was successful.

I have a suggestion to make. is it possible to include the the total path 
from where a executable should be fetched from, for e.g.., in my case, in 
the script if the value was

case "$action" in
  ${PREFIX}/kpsewhich) or ${LOCALBASE}/kpsewhich)
    test $# =.....
it would have fetched from the right place.

Please i need suggestions regarding this.

Department of Computer Science,
New Mexico State University,
Las Cruces, NM.

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