Subject: Re: clamav-milter under CURRENT
To:, David Ferlier <>
From: Antoine Jacoutot <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/29/2004 18:46:11
On Thursday 29 January 2004 18:31, wrote:
> I could make a rc.d script for clamd, but i have no idea how the milter
> thing works.  Does it involve a daemon to be launched, too?  If so, should
> clamav-milter be launched with clamd altogether, from the same rc.d script
> (through an option, of course), or should there be two rc.d scripts?

Basically, clamav-milter must be started after clamd and I think it should 
have its own rc script, it would be more simple.
This is how default start should be, I guess:

/usr/pkg/sbin/clamav-milter -l -o /var/run/clmilter.sock

Now, there's room for other options (like --max-children, -b...) but those 
should be added if someone needs them using the clamav-milter_flags variable 
in rc.conf.