Subject: pkg_delete delete build dependencies
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/28/2004 18:18:02
As mentioned in PR thread pkg/24188, pkg_delete's explanation for -R and
-r needed improvement. I used Greg Wood's suggestions with some
modifications of my own and did that.

But also mentioned was that the pkg_delete -R does not clean up the build
dependencies too.

Is it okay if we have -R repeated (like -R or "-R -R") to mean that
@blddep should be removed too?

Then pkg_delete -RR would really work better at cleaning up.

Basically, the patch to do this would patch delete/main.c so Recurse_down
would be a int and be incremented or add a new boolean for

Or should we have another switch? If so, what? Maybe "-B" to mean delete
@blddep build dependencies?

Maybe -B would be better? Then it could be used without -R to mean just
delete the build dependencies but not the package itself.

And patch delete/perform.c's require_find_recursive_down() to also include
"case PLIST_BLDDEP:" and do as needed.

pkg_delete -RB sounds fine too.

Please share your advice.

   Jeremy C. Reed