Subject: ${FIND} should consistently use -print
To: None <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/26/2004 04:11:21
I know it is largely obsolete and forgotten these days with almost
anybody using GNU utilities, but maybe some still remember the old days
when you had to add -print to find in order to make it output anything
(rather annoying to UNIX newbies :-))
Well, I'm using one such old OS (IRIX 5.3) and I just had to learn the
hard way that pkgsrc is unfortunately not 100% consistent in this
respect. While in most occurrences ${FIND} in the mk-Skripts does have
-print, there are just a few instances where it doesn't: one in
mk/bulk/, three in mk/
Please do a favour to users of antique UNIX systems and add those few
extra characters. Thank you. 

Yes, you could have ${FIND} point to GNU find, but that would almost be
like cheating, wouldn't it? :-)

(after a few further attempts I actually found out that my particular
specific initial problem was pkgsrc/graphics/netpbm/Makefile not using
-print for ${FIND}... oh well...
I think I'll have to grep all Makefiles for FIND to make sure it does
not occur elsewhere as well....)

BTW, mk/bulk/post-build directly uses "find" (with and without
-print!!). Shouldn't that rather be ${FIND}? 

Georg Schwarz     +49 177 8811442