Subject: Re: Mesa-6.0 cleaned up
To: Adam Ciarcinski <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/22/2004 15:18:14
On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 02:19:17PM +0100, Adam Ciarcinski wrote:
> For the future, I propose:
> - removal of Mesa/, since present pkgsrc structure does not
>   support older versions of Mesa package (the old ones used 'configure'
>   script, etc.)
> - integrataion of MesaLib, glu, and glut into one 'graphics/Mesa' package
>   OpenGL developers usually need all the libraries, and I can't find a
>   reason for keeping them split, unless one wants an additional mess

Speaking of which, how can I make use of the NVidia OpenGL binary library
( and from pkgsrc?  AFAIK, it is a Mesa 3.4.2
replacement, thus it might be a bit behind in terms of API, but right now
the OpenGL packages I use (glTron and tuxracer) don't link to it without
some dirty hack (make buildlink and symlink replacement by hand in

I know that right now it's be almost only for me who dare run that thing,
but in case I can get OpenGL stable...

> Thank you for your attention :)

Thanks for your work on this.  That makes a lot of PRs to close :)

Quentin Garnier.