Subject: Re: pkgsrc/mail/evolution 1.2.x -> 1.4.x upgrade time
To: Brian A. Seklecki <>
From: Dan Winship <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/20/2004 19:13:14
> New fun on the Evolution front.  I'm now seeing some bizare libGLADE
> errors when I try to open the options menu.  All my gnome/gtk/libglade
> packages are up to date.  Is anyone else seeong this?

> (evolution:25625): libglade-WARNING **: could not find widget creation
> function

This sounds like the same bug as

which would mean that NetBSD doesn't interpret RTLD_GLOBAL the same way 
Linux does. What evolution/glade want is that if it does 
g_module_open(NULL), then it should be able to resolve symbols not only 
in the main program and any shared libraries, but also in any other 
modules it has previously g_module_open()ed. The RTLD_GLOBAL in 
glib2/gmodule/gmodule-dl.c makes that happen on Linux, but apparently 
not on NetBSD.

Probably the easiest way to fix it would be to port the patch in that 
bug over to gmodule-dl.c, though it will be larger for dl, since the 
code there isn't currently keeping a list of dlopened modules like the 
dyld version does.

-- Dan