Subject: Kerberos Prefix? (was: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc)
To: grant beattie <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/15/2004 08:48:53
On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, grant beattie wrote:

> Log Message:
> kth-krb4: add CONFLICT on tnftp.
> tnftp: add CONFLICT on lukemftp, kth-krb4.

Your log message didn't say why it conflicts. I assume it is for the
bin/ftp command (and man page too).

I think the ftp from kth-krb4 should always be prefixed, because tnftp's
(or lukemftp's) bin/ftp is essential for even using pkgsrc.  So then on
platforms other than NetBSD, kth-krb4 can never be installed (and others
depending on it, like xdm-krb4).

Then for other commands (like su and telnet), Johnny C. Lam suggested to
me a few days ago about adding a build option to the mit-krb5 package. His
suggestion was for a KRB5_PREFIX_CMDS setting. But maybe it can be
extended for Kerberos 4 or 5. Using his idea ...

.if !empty(KRB_PREFIX_CMDS:M[yY][eE][sS])
MIT_KRB5_TRANSFORM=     s/^ftp/k&/;s/^r/k&/;s/^su/k&/;s/^telnet/k&/
MIT_KRB5_TRANSFORM=     s/^ftp/k&/	# always kftp
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --program-transform="${MIT_KRB5_TRANSFORM}"

Maybe code like that could be for security/heimdal, security/kth-krb4, and
for wip/mit-krb5.

   Jeremy C. Reed