Subject: Re: Support adding admin users/groups via defs.${OPSYS}.mk
To: Michal Pasternak <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/11/2004 22:48:03
On Sunday 11 January 2004 12:34, Michal Pasternak wrote:
> Jonathan Perkin [Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 12:20:54PM +0000]:
> > I'd much prefer it if we ported pkgsrc/sysutils/user to be portable
> > across the pkgsrc platforms we support.
> IMO less problems is to patch pkgsrc to allow usage of any utilities, that
> are available -- fiddling with /etc/passwd is quite OS specific, I'd not
> take the responsibility for writing portable tool like that. On the other
> hand, you have already commandline utilities available (useradd, pw) -- at
> no extra cost.

Another possibility is to write a wrapper that is compatible with NetBSD's
useradd syntax, and transforms each call into the appropiate command for the
host system.  (as buildlink does for compiler calls).  This is quite easy,
and avoids defining too many variables (which will not be scalable if the 
host tools need special order in their arguments, some features are missing,

Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
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