Subject: Re: User's guide to pkgviews (experimental!)
To: Johnny C. Lam <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/06/2004 12:02:40
On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 11:46:55PM -0800, Johnny C. Lam wrote:
> Actually, I was mistaken.  What actually happens is that lynx-current
> will be installed into its depot directory, but will _not_ be
> symlinked into the standard view because the "build-views" target in
>, which does the actual work in adding a package to the
> named views, will detect that another version of lynx already exists
> in the standatd view.  It will say:
> *** lynx exists in the standard view - package lynx- ***
> *** Not hoisting lynx- into the standard view ***
> The user then has the opportunity to remove the old package from the
> view and add the new package in its place.

I'm sure everyone knows this already, but it may be worth noting:

because the main files for every package are held in a separate
directory (which we have taken to calling "the depot directory"),
adding and removing packages from the standard view is not dangerous,
time-consuming or problematic.  All that is happening is that a
linkfarm is being added or deleted.

Alistair Crooks <>