Subject: Re: inflation of PKGREVISION bumps [was Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc]
To: Rene Hexel <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/04/2004 12:02:25
On Sun, 4 Jan 2004, Rene Hexel wrote:
>    Okay, what about this: add a new INCOMPATIBLE_WITH (better
> names welcome) entry that is stored in binary packages.
> This entry lists the version number(s) of the same package
> it is incompatible with.  E.g., for tiff-3.6.1 we can set
> INCOMPATIBLE_WITH=		tiff<3.6.1
>    Binary packages compiled against anything before tiff-3.6.1
> will then not install against tiff-3.6.1, even though their
> dependencies might, for example, be tiff>=3.5.5
>    Thoughts?  Comments?  Flames?

Sounds interesting...

Can you describe the scenario where that would hit with (say) tiff and

 - Hubert

Hubert Feyrer <>