Subject: Re: inflation of PKGREVISION bumps [was Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc]
To: Michal Pasternak <>
From: Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/04/2004 16:13:18
On 04/01/2004, at 2:39 PM, Michal Pasternak wrote:

> changes). How can I know, what versions it will be incompatible with 
> in the
> *future* ?

   I'm not talking about the future.  I'm talking about the past.

   If you update, e.g., libtiff to 3.6.1, you know that it's
incompatible with 3.5.5 or lower.  Therefore binary packages
that depend on libtiff that were compiled against 3.5.5 won't
link against libtiff-3.6.1 (because it has an
INCOMPATIBLE_WITH<=3.5.5 entry).

> How would INCOMPATIBLE_WITH solve the problem Jeremy had?

   See above.  If libtiff-3.6.1 has an INCOMPATIBLE_WITH
entry for lower versions of libtiff, binaries compiled
against these older versions would no longer install
with a newer libtiff installed.