Subject: elinks 0.9
To: None <>
From: Bruce J.A. Nourish <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/03/2004 23:10:05
Hey everyone,

On Christmas Eve, the author of elinks made a new stable release. This
release fixes many bugs in the previous release, but is also a rather
different program to use. The most obvious change is that elinks now
renders pages against a colored backgound. 

I made new package and submitted it to the maintainer on Boxing Day,
but I have recieved no response. Therefore, I am making the package
available at If someone
wants me to put this in pkgsrc-wip, say the word, and I'll do it.

A few notes:

 * I've called the package "elinks09" as I think some people may not
   like it (at least at first) and want to go back to elinks 0.4.5.
   It is indeed a very different piece of software.

 * Lua support is now optional. Also, it is possible to build with
   Lua 4 or Lua 5 (although I think some minor functionality is
   unavailable with Lua 4). I chose 5, for that reason, because 4 
   is unmaintained, and because several patches were neccesary to
   make it work with 4.

   If there is a demand, I'll make the Lua support conditional on
   a build flag.

 * I'm willing to maintain this package.
Bruce J.A. Nourish <>