Subject: Re: Unbuildlink issues with guile and kdeadmin3 packages
To: None <>
From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Hilmar_B=F6hm?= <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/29/2003 23:58:13

I've the same problem. After this error there is a _file_
/usr/pkgsrc/misc/kdeadmin3/work/kdeadmin-3.1.4/lilo-config, which should be
a directory, because make tries to access the file
lilo-config/ . Obviously something went wrong, when make does
the 'mv'. You can have a look at  "lilo-config", which seems to be a
directory file, but  which is not recognized as a directory-file.

I tried this:
- to rm the  lilo-config and then run make again --> result: lilo-config as
file again
- to create the directory 'lilo.config' as  a copy from
'lilo-config.subst.sav' and then run make again --result: make complains,
that  lilo-config.subst.sav ist not empty...??

I give up.
Regards / Hilmar.

Sebastien Erard wrote:

> Hi,
> While building the packages guile and kdeadmin3, I fell on the same
problem: unbuildlinking changing a directory in a regular file. In
kdeadmin3, the directory lilo-config is moved in lilo-config.subst.sav and a
new file named lilo-config is created. And I have the message below and the
build fails:
> => Fixing buildlink references in files-to-be-installed.
> mv: rename lilo-config.subst.sav to lilo-config: Not a directory
> *** Error code 1
> The smae happens in the guile package, with the directory guile-config.
> Any clue?
> Sebastien
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