Subject: Using native tools rahter than building a new...
To: None <>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/29/2003 15:37:42
(been using pkgsrc on Solaris (and, of course, netbsd - but that's easy))
Reinstalled the OS X box, left myself a handy UFS partition.

1) A couple notes:
I understand that /usr/pkgsrc/  must be cap aware.  Many things have
name clashes (older perl notably).

But the bootstrap stuff "requires" that /var/db/ be UFS (or
cap aware).  Why?  The files are all uniq, caps be damned.
And a look at my NetBSD machine shows no clashes in /usr/pkg/,
though I'm certainly not running all packages.

/var/db is a link to /nbsd/var.db/.  Fine.
/usr/pkg/ -> /nbsd/usr.pkg/
/usr/pkgsrc/ -> /nbsd/usr.pkgsrc/

It all works.

2) now to the builds
first mutt.  Among mutt requirements is libtool.  which isn't
building.  While I *will* get it done, I might also note that MacOS
10.3.x (NeXTStep 7.2) comes with libtool.  And several other basic
tools which pkgsrc expects.

I understand that pkgsrc might not want my build of OpenSSL on
Solaris, nor my db4.2.52.  Because I added them.

But I don't understand well why it won't catch:
   Hey, if is darwin > 7.2,

I might be happier if it were building, but OS X is bloated enough
without two copies of the same tool.

Can I tell it to use native libtool and some other native libs?
use /usr/bin/libtool.