Subject: buildlink and version numbers
To: None <>
From: Sebastian Prause <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/29/2003 08:12:14
i have one problem with the current buildlink situation: every time i upgrade
pkgsrc and want to install a new package, or update one, i find myself having
pkgsrc fail because it tries to pull in _all_ dependencies, even if i have them
already installed. the problem here is that buildlink knows nothing about
version numbers. i mean it's a good idea to keep the installed software 
up-to-date, but its a pain to just update a library for a package that doesn't 
require the latest version of the lib. this makes pkgsrc a lot harder to use
(and thus less useable).

a good example would be libvorbis. consider i want to upgrade mplayer, then
pkgsrc would fail with libvorbis because it's already installed. now updating
that would be a pain, because its used by those packages on my system: 

  vorbis-tools-, arts-1.1.4, kdelibs-3.1.4, kdebase-3.1.4, 
  mosfet-liquid-, kdenetwork-3.1.4, kbiff-3.6.3nb3, kdeutils-3.1.4
  kdeadmin-3.1.4, kdeartwork-3.1.4, kdeedu-3.1.4, kdegames-3.1.4
  kdegraphics-3.1.4, xine-lib-1rc0anb1, kdemultimedia-3.1.4, kdeaddons-3.1.4
  kde-3.1.4, kde-i18n-de-3.1.4, koffice-1.2.1nb4, ogmtools-1.2, mencoder-1.0rc2

my question is, can this be changes _easily_? what about the DEPENDS stuff?
is it still used? is it very different from builldink (both is used to pull in 
dependencies, right?)? would it be possible to use only that and let pkgsrc decide 
to use either buildlink or the old behaviour?

what do others think about it?

            -- Sebastian