Subject: Version number fix?
To: None <>
From: Joachim Thiemann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/28/2003 18:26:28
	so I'm trying to create my first package, and thanks to the documentation  
at, it's been going well.  However, 
the source package whereof I am trying to create a pkg uses a non-standard 
numbering (I'm trying to make 
ftp://ftp.TSP.ECE.McGill.CA/TSP/AFsp/AFsp-v7r2.tar.gz into a package, a 
collection of audio file tools) and
pkglint doesn't like the -v7r2.

I couldn't see in the docs what the proper way to fix this is.  Suggestions?
Once it is resolved, I can send-pr the package.

2nd related question:  I will also try to make "libtsp" into a package, a 
collection of audio processing subroutines) Unfortunately, AFsp already 
contains and installs some of libtsp (essentially, only what is needed for 
the binaries, since libtsp is normally a static library), so I'm guessing 
they will conflict in some way.

What is the best way to resolve this?
- AFsp could simply link with its own redux version of libtsp but not 
install any of it in /usr/pkg/lib
- modify the AFsp package to not have libtsp in it, and instead make it 
depend on the (bigger) libtsp - perhaps even dynamically linked?
(note that I personally know the author, and can suggest changes, it's just 
he doesn't often have time to spend on it)

Thanks for suggestions.
PS, the "home" of the software is