Subject: buildlinking for OpenGL apps: current situation
To: None <,>
From: Michal Pasternak <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/21/2003 14:57:29

I've temporarly  switched to FreeBSD-STABLE, because I need working OpenGL.
Currently all pkgsrc packages buildlink MesaLib, which is a software renderer.

XFree86-libs provides a version of Mesa library, which automatically detects
presence of hardware rendering equipment.

Every package linked with graphics/MesaLib will use software rendering.

What can we do to change/improve current situation? Following ideas came to
my mind:

1) quick hack; it's working and gives good results. Apply the attached diff
   (called MESSA_DIFFS) over MesaLib and install in

2) system-wide mk script: just like ossaudio and pthread, we could use 
   a file like "mk/". Apps which want opengl should 
   include that file
3) Maybe graphics/MesaLib can be build in such way it will function just like
   XFree86-bundled one (autodetect rendering hardware) -- and we can make
   it build this way? Anyway, this would be a bit worse situation, that 2), 
   just because XFree86-officially-blessed-library will always be
   better, at least in terms of support and bugfixing.

Which way should we choose? Please help me decide and I can work on patches

Michal Pasternak :: ::