Subject: GCC 3 isn't better than that GCC 2 ???
To: None <>
From: Lloyd Parkes <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/09/2003 09:11:08
A month back I updated my NetBSD/sparc64 machine from 1.6.mumble to
-current in order to get GCC 3.3.2. I then set about updating all my
packages so that all of my /usr/pkg tree has been built with GCC 3.
(The sparc64 code generator in GCC 2 was more than a bit dodgy.) This
all went well.

Yesterday I updated my pkgsrc tree and tried building a package. I was
a bit startled to see make head off and try and build GCC 2. I thought
maybe devel/netcdf was a bit special and start commenting out bits of
the Makefile hoping to remove the feature that was pulling thsi
requirement in, but I had no luck.

It seems that no matter what package I try and build, my system runs
off and tries to build gcc 2.95.3. Even perl modules seem to require
gcc 2.95.3. 

I had a look through some of the pkgsrc *.mk files and used make -dv
and I couldn't see anything obvious. It probably would have needed to
come up in flashing red letters for me to notice any problems though.
I only have a middling understanding of the more esoteric features of
make, and there's nothing middling about out *.mk files.

Does anyone know what might cause pkgsrc to suddenly decide that the
system provided GCC 3 isn't as good as the pkgsrc GCC 2?