Subject: Re: devel/cvs and ./configure.lineno: 9897: Syntax error: "!"
To: None <>
From: SUNAGAWA Keiki <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/04/2003 16:07:31
> > Then put above definitions into  I have no
> > idea if BSDOS is better than BSD-OS or BSD_OS, though.
> Already done :)
> (Other than BSDOS.x11.dist.)

Cool!  I didn't notice when I replied.

> I did the work almost two months ago. And also fixed a few packages for
> BSD/OS portability last month. I waited for freeze to end before
> committing BSD/OS support. And I committed earlier today.

Hmm, so, I think of committing my HP-UX support.

> I chose "BSDOS" (and later I noticed that sendmail itself uses BSD-OS in
> its builds).

Probably it's the time right now if you want to change the
name of the files.

> Last month, I built perl, openssl, apache, postfix, sendmail and many
> other packages under BSD/OS. (I just remembered that the openssh doesn't
> work although it installed fine last month.) I am now building all the
> "supported" packages as defined in doc/STATUS.
> Do you use BSD/OS? Can you test?

I don't use BSD/OS, sorry.  I'll ask of the local ML.

> Later we will have an official announcement (and about AIX too).
> Any answers to my previous email questions?

I added the line "SH?= /usr/bin/ksh" into (Yes
it has badly broken sh too).  This worked under HP-UX.  Does
it work for you?  If it does, REPLACE* are not needed, I

May the peace be with us all.