Subject: old msgfmt errors with new e2fsprog
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/03/2003 22:23:48
I am packaging up new e2fsprogs (for latest release).

But under NetBSD 1.6.1_STABLE I get:

 making all in po
 rm -f && /usr/bin/msgfmt -c --statistics -o cs.po
 ./cs.po:1885: keyword "msgid_plural" unknown
 ./cs.po:1882: missing `msgstr' section
 ./cs.po:1885: parse error
 ... and so on ...

If I understand correctly the /usr/bin/msgfmt version 0.10.35 doesn't like
the new syntax.

Should I patch this (which may be several)?

What do others do about old msgfmt? Any examples? Should I attempt to
check version?

Or should I force the build to use /usr/pkg/bin/msgfmt version 0.11.5?
(But probably not necessary with NetBSD -current or other operating
systems with newer gettext.)

My work-around is simply:

BUILD_DEPENDS=  gettext>=0.11.5:../../devel/gettext
CONFIGURE_ENV+= ac_cv_path_MSGFMT=${LOCALBASE}/bin/msgfmt

Any advice would be appreciated.

   Jeremy C. Reed