Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in October 2003
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/01/2003 00:44:41
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in October 2003

By my calculations, at the end of October 2003, there were 4170
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 4147 the previous
month, a rise of only 23.  But there again.  a lot of October was
spent in maintenance on the pkgsrc tree, ready for a forthcoming

Notable additions include:  chkfontpath, dmesg2gif, exif, gpspoint,
gpsutils, libsnert, mapserver, milter-regex, milter-sender, nvtv,
nvtv-gtk2, p5-File-Spec, p5-Template-Extract, p5-Template-Generate,
p5-XML-LibXML-Common, py-psyco, rinetd, ruby-gd, ruby-testunit, scm,
scribus-doc, tads, vis5d+, and xylem.

Notable updates include:  abcde, abiword, adzap, ap-dav, apache,
apache2, apache6, apr, aspell, aterm, audit-packages, bind9, bins,
bomberclone, bozohttpd, cadaver, cpuflags, createbuildlink, cue,
cvsync, cyrus-imapd21, db3, dgd, distcc, dovecot, doxygen, dropbear,
dsniff, easytag, exif, exiftags, expatobjc, fetchmail, fetchmailconf,
fontconfig, freetds, freeze, fuse, fvwm2, gaim, gawk, gentoo, gerbv,
getmail, glimmer, gnucash, gnutls, gone, gossip, gqview-devel,
graphviz, gsharutils, gtksourceview, ipv6calc, isakmpd, ja-vfxdvik,
jpeg, jwhois, kopete, latd, level9, libaudiofile, libgsf, libkver,
libnet, libnids, libspectrum, libtool, libtool-base, libtool-info,
libxml2, libxslt, links, links-gui, loudmouth, mini_sendmail, mono,
MozillaFirebird-bin-realplayer, mpgtx, mrtg, mysql-client,
mysql-server, nabi, naim, nas, nasm, navi2ch, nbsed, neon, nethack,
nethack-lib, nethack-qt, nethack-tty, nethack-x11, neXtaw, nmap,
nmapfe, ns, ntp, nut, openssh, openssl, opera7, p0f, p5-GD,
p5-MP3-Tag, p5-razor-agents, p5-Template-Toolkit, p5-XML-LibXML,
p5-XML-Parser, pakemon, paragui, pen, perl58, php4-wddx, pim6dd,
pim6sd, pkgchk, pkglint, pkg_install, postfix, py-expat, pyca, pyxml,
quagga, rats, rconfig, rocksndiamonds, rocksndiamonds-sdl, rosegarden,
ruby-iconv, ruby-opengl, sablotron, scribus, ser, silc-client,
silc-client-icb, silc-server, slrn, slurm, socks5, source-highlight,
speedtouch, speex, squidGuard, squirrelmail, sun-jdk14, sun-jre14,
sylpheed, sylpheed-claws, thttpd, tidy, tspc, tuxpaint, udfclient,
unrar, vcdimager-devel, vmware3, vtun, wine, x11-links, xbattbar,
xbindkeys, xchat2, xfce4-minicmd-plugin, xfce4-netload-plugin,
xmlcatmgr, xmule, xpad, xpdf, xpmroot, yatsvrs, and yudit.

The Package of the Month award goes to wdiff (pkgsrc/textproc/wdiff),
nominated by Lex Wennmacher - Lex writes:

	"wdiff is a small, but very useful utility.  The other day I
	had to compare two texts where one was derived from the other,
	but the line breaks and paragraphs had been changed - no go
	for simple diff.  wdiff did the job.  On an other occasion, I
	had to compare two text with very long (hundreds of charactes)
	lines.  While normal diff formally works, you still end up
	comparing the characters in the + and - lines individually,
	until you spot the difference.  Again, wdiff makes this
	comparison really easy."

Alistair Crooks
Mon Nov 24 07:09:50 GMT 2003

Packages Added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added chkfontpath-1.9.7 [hubertf 2003-10-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Command line tool to manage X server's font path

	Added dmesg2gif-1.0 [hubertf 2003-10-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Output dmesg(8) device tree as GIF image

	Added exif-0.6 [itojun 2003-10-01]
Package URL:
Comment: Grab Exif information from digital camera images

	Added gpspoint-2.030521 [jschauma 2003-10-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Program to download and upload waypoints to and from your GPS device

	Added gpsutils-0.4.0 [jschauma 2003-10-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Capture and convert data from a Garmin GPS receiver

	Added libsnert-1.23 [manu 2003-10-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Support library for milter-sender

	Added mapserver-4.0 [jschauma 2003-10-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Environment for building spatially enabled Internet apps

	Added milter-regex-0.6 [manu 2003-10-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Milter enabling regular expression filtering

	Added milter-sender-0.41 [manu 2003-10-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Real-time sender's e-mail validity check

	Added nvtv-0.4.5 [cube 2003-10-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Tool to manipulate TV-Out settings on NVidia cards

	Added nvtv-gtk2-0.4.5 [cube 2003-10-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Tool to manipulate TV-Out settings on NVidia cards

	Added p5-File-Spec-0.86 [thorpej 2003-10-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Portably perform operations on file names

	Added p5-Template-Extract-0.25 [wiz 2003-10-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 module for extracting data structure from TT2-rendered documents

	Added p5-Template-Generate-0.04 [wiz 2003-10-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 module for generating TT2 templates from TT2-rendered documents

	Added p5-XML-LibXML-Common-0.13 [wiz 2003-10-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Routines and constants common for XML::LibXML and XML::GDOME

	Added py-psyco-1.1.1 [recht 2003-10-01]
Package URL:
Comment: Python JIT and execution accelerator

	Added rinetd 0.62 [grant 2003-10-01]
Package URL:
Comment: Internet redirection server

	Added ruby-gd- [taca 2003-10-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Ruby extension to drive the GD library

	Added ruby-testunit-0.1.8 [taca 2003-10-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Unit testing framework for Ruby

	Added scm-5d8 [agc 2003-10-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Portable scheme interpreter

	Added scribus-doc-1.0 [reed 2003-10-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Documentation for the Scribus publishing software

	Added tads-3.0.5 [dillo 2003-10-05]
Package URL:
Comment: TADS compiler and interpreter

	Added vis5d+-1.2.1 [jschauma 2003-10-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Volumetric Visualization program for scientific datasets

	Added xylem-1.8.7 [jschauma 2003-10-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Tools for manipulation of genetic databases

Updates to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated abcde to 2.1.4nb5 [abs 2003-10-01]
	Updated abiword to 1.0.5nb3 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated adzap to 20031018 [kleink 2003-10-18]
	Updated ap-dav to 1.0.3nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated apache to 1.3.28nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated apache to 1.3.28nb2 [cube 2003-10-29]
	Updated apache2 to 2.0.47nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated apache6 to 1.3.28nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated apache6 to 1.3.28nb2 [cube 2003-10-29]
	Updated apr to 0.9.4nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated aspell to 0.50.3nb4 [itojun 2003-10-02]
	Updated aterm to 0.4.2nb4 [fredb 2003-10-25]
	Updated audit-packages to 1.24 [agc 2003-10-17]
	Updated audit-packages to 1.25 [agc 2003-10-18]
	Updated bind9 to 9.2.3 [itojun 2003-10-27]
	Updated bins to 1.1.23 [martti 2003-10-05]
	Updated bomberclone to 0.10.1 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated bozohttpd to 20031005 [mrg 2003-10-05]
	Updated cadaver to 0.21.0nb3 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated cpuflags to 0.57 [abs 2003-10-02]
	Updated cpuflags to 0.58 [rh 2003-10-19]
	Updated createbuildlink to 2.8 [salo 2003-10-15]
	Updated cue to 20030922 [itojun 2003-10-01]
	Updated cue to 20031027 [itojun 2003-10-29]
	Updated cvsync to 0.24.10 [gehenna 2003-10-29]
	Updated cvsync to 0.24.8 [gehenna 2003-10-08]
	Updated cvsync to 0.24.9 [gehenna 2003-10-29]
	Updated cyrus-imapd21 to 2.1.15nb1 [seb 2003-10-21]
	Updated db3 to db3-3.11.2nb1 [agc 2003-10-20]
	Updated dgd to [xtraeme 2003-10-24]
	Updated distcc to 2.11 [martti 2003-10-05]
	Updated dovecot to 0.99.10nb2 [jmmv 2003-10-18]
	Updated doxygen to 1.3.4 [martti 2003-10-05]
	Updated dropbear to 0.38 [xtraeme 2003-10-30]
	Updated dsniff to 2.3nb1 [cube 2003-10-10]
	Updated dsniff to 2.3nb2 [cube 2003-10-28]
	Updated easytag to 0.30 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated exif to 0.6nb1 [salo 2003-10-14]
	Updated exiftags to 0.98 [xtraeme 2003-10-24]
	Updated expatobjc to 1.0nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated fetchmail to 6.2.4nb2 [itojun 2003-10-08]
	Updated fetchmailconf to 6.2.4nb2 [itojun 2003-10-08]
	Updated fontconfig to 2.2.1nb2 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated freetds to 0.61.2 [jdolecek 2003-10-09]
	Updated freeze to 2.5nb1 [jlam 2003-10-06]
	Updated fuse to [adam 2003-10-02]
	Updated fvwm2 to 2.4.17 [martti 2003-10-13]
	Updated gaim to 0.71 [jmmv 2003-10-18]
	Updated gawk to 3.1.3 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated gentoo to 0.11.35 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated gerbv to 0.15 [dmcmahill 2003-10-26]
	Updated getmail to 3.2.1 [xtraeme 2003-10-29]
	Updated glimmer to 2.12 [jschauma 2003-10-07]
	Updated gnucash to 1.8.4nb2 [jmmv 2003-10-30]
	Updated gnutls to 0.8.7nb1 [jmmv 2003-10-18]
	Updated gone to 1.3.5 [wiz 2003-10-13]
	Updated gossip to 0.5nb2 [jmmv 2003-10-18]
	Updated gqview-devel to 1.3.3 [wiz 2003-10-26]
	Updated graphviz to 1.10nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated gsharutils to 4.2.1nb2 [agc 2003-10-20]
	Updated gtksourceview to 0.7.0 [cube 2003-10-24]
	Updated ipv6calc to 0.46 [hubertf 2003-10-15]
	Updated isakmpd to 20030903 [agc 2003-10-10]
	Updated ja-vfxdvik to 22.40v.j1.14nb2 [kei 2003-10-05]
	Updated jpeg to 6bnb1 [salo 2003-10-03]
	Updated jwhois to 3.2.2nb1 [kleink 2003-10-18]
	Updated kopete to 0.7.3 [jmmv 2003-10-18]
	Updated latd to 1.18 [xtraeme 2003-10-21]
	Updated level9 to 3.0nb1 [dillo 2003-10-01]
	Updated libaudiofile to 0.2.4 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated libgsf to 1.8.2 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated libkver to 0.3 [seb 2003-10-27]
	Updated libnet to 1.0.1bnb3 [cube 2003-10-29]
	Updated libnids to 1.17 [cube 2003-10-10]
	Updated libnids to 1.18 [cube 2003-10-28]
	Updated libspectrum to [adam 2003-10-02]
	Updated libtool to 1.4.20010614nb16 [grant 2003-10-05]
	Updated libtool-base to 1.4.20010614nb16 [grant 2003-10-05]
	Updated libtool-info to 1.4.20010614nb16 [grant 2003-10-05]
	Updated libxml2 to 2.5.11 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated libxslt to 1.0.33 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated links to [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated links-gui to [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated loudmouth to 0.14 [xtraeme 2003-10-03]
	Updated loudmouth to 0.14nb1 [jmmv 2003-10-18]
	Updated mini_sendmail to 1.3.2nb4 [is 2003-10-07]
	Updated mono to 0.28 [recht 2003-10-02]
	Updated MozillaFirebird-bin-realplayer to 1.0nb1 [xtraeme 2003-10-29]
	Updated mpgtx to 1.3 [cube 2003-10-11]
	Updated mrtg to 2.10.5 [martti 2003-10-05]
	Updated mysql-client to 3.23.58 [martti 2003-10-05]
	Updated mysql-server to 3.23.58 [martti 2003-10-05]
	Updated nabi to 0.8 [junyoung 2003-10-23]
	Updated nabi to 0.9 [jmmv 2003-10-24]
	Updated naim to [wiz 2003-10-26]
	Updated naim to [wiz 2003-10-30]
	Updated nas to 1.6nb3 [grant 2003-10-28]
	Updated nasm to 0.98.38 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated navi2ch to 1.7.1 [toshii 2003-10-04]
	Updated nbsed to 20031016 [grant 2003-10-16]
	Updated neon to 0.24.1nb2 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated nethack to 3.4.2nb1 [pooka 2003-10-14]
	Updated nethack-lib to 3.4.2nb1 [pooka 2003-10-14]
	Updated nethack-qt to 3.4.2nb1 [pooka 2003-10-14]
	Updated nethack-tty to 3.4.2nb1 [pooka 2003-10-14]
	Updated nethack-x11 to 3.4.2nb1 [pooka 2003-10-14]
	Updated neXtaw to 0.15.1 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated nmap to 3.48 [salo 2003-10-13]
	Updated nmapfe to 0.9.5nb10 [salo 2003-10-13]
	Updated ns to 2.26nb1 [jlam 2003-10-06]
	Updated ntp to 4.2.0 [fredb 2003-10-24]
	Updated nut to 9.2 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated openssh to [grant 2003-10-12]
	Updated openssl to 0.9.6k [jschauma 2003-10-02]
	Updated opera7 to 7.21 [jdolecek 2003-10-24]
	Updated p0f to 2.0.2 [recht 2003-10-01]
	Updated p5-GD to 2.07nb1 [explorer 2003-10-02]
	Updated p5-MP3-Tag to 0.40 [explorer 2003-10-02]
	Updated p5-razor-agents to 2.22nb2 [heinz 2003-10-07]
	Updated p5-Template-Toolkit to 2.10 [wiz 2003-10-03]
	Updated p5-XML-LibXML to 1.56 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated p5-XML-Parser to 2.31nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated pakemon to 0.3.1nb1 [cube 2003-10-10]
	Updated pakemon to 0.3.1nb2 [cube 2003-10-28]
	Updated paragui to 1.0.4nb2 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated pen to 0.12.0 [xtraeme 2003-10-30]
	Updated perl58 to 5.8.1 [jlam 2003-10-05]
	Updated php4-wddx to 4.3.3nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated pim6dd to 20031021a [itojun 2003-10-21]
	Updated pim6sd to 20031021a [itojun 2003-10-21]
	Updated pkgchk to 1.43 [abs 2003-10-01]
	Updated pkgchk to 1.44 [agc 2003-10-04]
	Updated pkglint to 3.63 [abs 2003-10-01]
	Updated pkglint to 3.64 [grant 2003-10-06]
	Updated pkglint to 3.65 [wiz 2003-10-11]
	Updated pkg_install to 20031003 [jlam 2003-10-29]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.16 [martti 2003-10-02]
	Updated py-expat to 0nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated pyca to [xtraeme 2003-10-30]
	Updated pyxml to 0.8.3nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated quagga to 0.96.3 [itojun 2003-10-17]
	Updated rats to 2.1nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated rconfig to 0.22 [abs 2003-10-03]
	Updated rconfig to 0.23 [abs 2003-10-06]
	Updated rconfig to 0.25 [abs 2003-10-08]
	Updated rocksndiamonds to 3.0.6 [adam 2003-10-08]
	Updated rocksndiamonds-sdl to 3.0.6 [adam 2003-10-08]
	Updated rosegarden to 2.1.4 [xtraeme 2003-10-24]
	Updated ruby-iconv to 0.5 [taca 2003-10-05]
	Updated ruby-opengl to 0.32.3 [taca 2003-10-06]
	Updated sablotron to 1.0nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated scribus to 1.1.1 [reed 2003-10-29]
	Updated ser to 0.8.10nb2 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated silc-client to 0.9.13 [salo 2003-10-16]
	Updated silc-client to 0.9.14 [salo 2003-10-27]
	Updated silc-client-icb to 0.14nb2 [salo 2003-10-16]
	Updated silc-client-icb to 0.14nb3 [salo 2003-10-27]
	Updated silc-server to 0.9.14 [salo 2003-10-16]
	Updated slrn to [cube 2003-10-27]
	Updated slurm to 0.3.1 [cube 2003-10-16]
	Updated socks5 to 1.0.2nb2 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated source-highlight to 1.8 [seb 2003-10-03]
	Updated speedtouch to 1.2-beta2 [abs 2003-10-09]
	Updated speex to 1.0.2 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated squidGuard to 1.2.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-10-19]
	Updated squirrelmail to 1.4.2 [martti 2003-10-08]
	Updated sun-jdk14 to 2.2 [jschauma 2003-10-29]
	Updated sun-jre14 to 2.2 [jschauma 2003-10-29]
	Updated sylpheed to 0.9.7 [chris 2003-10-16]
	Updated sylpheed-claws to 0.9.4nb2 [cube 2003-10-22]
	Updated sylpheed-claws to 0.9.4nb3 [cube 2003-10-23]
	Updated thttpd to 2.24 [cube 2003-10-27]
	Updated tidy to 20031002 [cube 2003-10-28]
	Updated tspc to 1.0 [jonb 2003-10-02]
	Updated tuxpaint to 0.9.12 [wiz 2003-10-05]
	Updated udfclient to 0.1.1 [reinoud 2003-10-14]
	Updated udfclient to 0.1.2 [reinoud 2003-10-26]
	Updated unrar to 3.2.3 [fredb 2003-10-09]
	Updated vcdimager-devel to 0.7.12nb2 [wiz 2003-10-28]
	Updated vmware3 to 3.2.1pl1 [jdolecek 2003-10-05]
	Updated vtun to 2.6nb1 [hubertf 2003-10-27]
	Updated wine to 20031016 [adam 2003-10-17]
	Updated x11-links to 0.16 [veego 2003-10-13]
	Updated x11-links to 0.17 [tron 2003-10-18]
	Updated x11-links to 0.18 [tron 2003-10-20]
	Updated xbattbar to 1.4.2nb3 [agc 2003-10-19]
	Updated xbindkeys to 1.5.5nb2 [jmmv 2003-10-13]
	Updated xchat2 to 2.0.5nb1 [xtraeme 2003-10-03]
	Updated xfce4-minicmd-plugin to 0.2.0 [martti 2003-10-02]
	Updated xfce4-netload-plugin to 0.2.1 [martti 2003-10-02]
	Updated xmlcatmgr to 1.1 [jmmv 2003-10-13]
	Updated xmule to 1.6.0nb1 [grant 2003-10-11]
	Updated xmule to 1.6.1 [jmmv 2003-10-18]
	Updated xpad to 1.12 [xtraeme 2003-10-03]
	Updated xpdf to 2.03 [xtraeme 2003-10-24]
	Updated xpmroot to 2.4.17 [martti 2003-10-13]
	Updated yatsvrs to 5.00.6nb1 [taca 2003-10-05]
	Updated yudit to 2.7.6 [wiz 2003-10-05]

Other Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Removed lmme [wiz 2003-10-26]