Subject: Re: GTK+ 2.x completely broken?
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/30/2003 13:26:07
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> I just read this message for FreeBSD "I'm going to be moving our XFree86
> over to using separate ports of the X11 libraries from
> (fd.o) rather than XFree86."
> I didn't know that someone was working on doing the same with FreeBSD.

That surprise me a little. They've already packed their XFree and build=20
against external versions of freetype2/fontconfig, so they should not face=20
the same issues we do. And they somewhat easier position since they only=20
support one OS (and XFree installation as port). We however need to support =

an already X11 installation. That could be xsrc, vender versions of XFree=20
(Linux distributions, FreeBSD, ..), openwin,  .. (and maybe at some time a=20
pkgsrc X11 distribution).

> I am guessing that official versions will be available soon.

Cool, than we could import the missing bits into pkgsrc.

> The pkgsrc one is only temporary, so a make variable could be used soon.
> Maybe like "X11_TYPE=3D" as "native" (x11-links), "XFree86" (Xfree86-libs
> package) or "xlibs" ( xlibs metapackage).

I'd like to split that up a bit further like: X11_TYPE and X11_EXTENSIONS =
(native, pkgsrc). With defaults to "native" for X11_TYPE and "pkgsrc" for=20

Marc Recht
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