Subject: Re: GTK+ 2.x completely broken?
To: Marc Recht <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/29/2003 15:52:25
On Sat, 29 Nov 2003, Marc Recht wrote:

> > I am not sure either. But I think some of it is just the same XFree86 code
> > (but built using ./configure) so should be same stable.
> Maybe, but I thinks ripping out XFree completly isn't the right thing to
> do.

I just read this message for FreeBSD "I'm going to be moving our XFree86
over to using separate ports of the X11 libraries from
(fd.o) rather than XFree86."
Or see the thread here:

I didn't know that someone was working on doing the same with FreeBSD.

> Yes, I saw that. What I'm missing is Xrandr as a released version, because
> that is needed by Gtk+2.

I am guessing that official versions will be available soon.

> > Also, we do have a duplicate of Xrender because pkgsrc version has
> > "USE_X11"  and that is not needed (nor desired) with the pkgsrc-wip
> > version. Since "render" in pkgsrc doesn't use X, then that is good enough
> > for the xlibs in pkgsrc-wip.
> Hmm. I think that's a bit problematic. We now have two xrender packages
> (three if you count xsrc). IMHO this should be one and pick the right X11
> libs depening on a make variable (or detecting installed
> X11 libs). To avoid problems with binary pkgs (and to keep the status quo)
> it should default to the xsrc ones.

The pkgsrc one is only temporary, so a make variable could be used soon.
Maybe like "X11_TYPE=" as "native" (x11-links), "XFree86" (Xfree86-libs
package) or "xlibs" ( xlibs metapackage).

> For Xft2, render, xrender, xcursor, xrandr, freetype, fontconfig and expat
> however, the pkg version (build against the xsrc X11 libs) should IMHO be
> the default.

   Jeremy C. Reed