Subject: Re: GTK+ 2.x completely broken?
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/29/2003 23:54:32
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> I am not sure either. But I think some of it is just the same XFree86 =
> (but built using ./configure) so should be same stable.

Maybe, but I thinks ripping out XFree completly isn't the right thing to=20

> Juan imported the the newest libXcursor, but they also have two older =
> as "released libraries".

Yes, I saw that. What I'm missing is Xrandr as a released version, because=20
that is needed by Gtk+2.

> Also, we do have a duplicate of Xrender because pkgsrc version has
> "USE_X11"  and that is not needed (nor desired) with the pkgsrc-wip
> version. Since "render" in pkgsrc doesn't use X, then that is good enough
> for the xlibs in pkgsrc-wip.

Hmm. I think that's a bit problematic. We now have two xrender packages=20
(three if you count xsrc). IMHO this should be one and pick the right X11=20
libs depening on a make variable (or detecting installed
X11 libs). To avoid problems with binary pkgs (and to keep the status quo)=20
it should default to the xsrc ones.

For Xft2, render, xrender, xcursor, xrandr, freetype, fontconfig and expat=20
however, the pkg version (build against the xsrc X11 libs) should IMHO be=20
the default.

Marc Recht
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