Subject: Request for opinions: wip/
To: None <>
From: Michal Pasternak <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/29/2003 04:53:07
Hi all,

Because pkgsrc currently lacks a generalised approach to Linux binary
applications (and, as Linux market continues to grow, I expect more
closed-source packages), I've put a small .mk file for installation of Linux
apps. You can have a look at it at:*checkout*/pkgsrc-wip/wip/mk/

It can currently handle "rpm" and "plain" packages.  When other, than Suse,
Linux-binary compatibility bases will be available, with some small changes
to this file - and _without_ changes in the Makefiles, that utilize it's
functionalities - we will be possible to have more, than one linux binary
base installed - and let the user decide, by /etc/mk.conf, for example -
which linux base s/he wants. For apps, that need specific version of Linux
binary base, it also could be done without problems.

Example Makefiles, that use, are:

	- this is a "plain" package. Please note, how easy it would be to
   	  change LINUX_BASE_REQUIRED in /etc/mk.conf (and thus LINUX_BASE_PREFIX
	  would be changed) - if only EMULSUBDIR would depend on it, you
	  can have 2 versions on 2 different Linux OS bases of the same package
	- this is a simple "plain" type package
	- this is an "rpm" package. 

Take care,
Michal Pasternak ::