Subject: buildinking with LOCALBASE=/usr and X11BASE is LOCALBASE
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/26/2003 18:24:03
I noticed earlier this week and again today that when LOCALBASE=/usr and
X11BASE is LOCALBASE, I end up with two directories:
that have different contents.

How does figure out when to make a work/.buildlink-x11

Especially since this package and its dependencies don't use USE_IMAKE or
USE_X11 or USE_X11BASE. I guess it sees the include/X11/ directory being
buildlinked and assumes that (probably wrong).

On a different box, using LOCALBASE=/usr/pkg and X11BASE as /usr/X11R6,
with same package, I only have one work/.buildlink directory.

And then the sed expressions end up getting rid of all my -I includes.

I am not sure where to track this down.

I don't know (yet) if this is because LOCALBASE=/usr or if it just is
X11BASE is LOCALBASE or if it is the combination of these two.

Please note I have been using LOCALBASE=/usr on several machines for
hundreds of packages for over 14 months now.

I have just begun using X11BASE as LOCALBASE this week. It has been very
successful! Running X applications without any /usr/X11R6.

   Jeremy C. Reed