Subject: don't install render, Xrender nor MesaLibs if XFree86 is in LOCALBASE
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/26/2003 10:52:37
I installed my XFree86 libraries to LOCALBASE (using X11BASE=LOCALBASE and
using pkgsrc-wip's XFree86-libs). It overwrote headers and libraries from
render, Xrender and MesaLibs packages.

I attempted to force my XFree86-libs to build without installing those.
But then it broke other features (like xrandr and libGLx) that had them as

But I can't build Xrender nor MesaLibs without XFree86 development headers
and libraries installed first.

I see that x11/Xrender/buildlink?.mk has some basic checks to see if
Xrender is already installed to X11BASE.

But it doesn't look like render or Xrender have any checks for this.

Any comments about this?

Any suggestions before I work on this?

(Also, I'll need to make XFree86-libs have some CONFLICTS if X11BASE is

By the way, I have been successfully running various X-related software
built from pkgsrc without any /usr/X11R6 directory (under Linux and will
try NetBSD later).

   Jeremy C. Reed