Subject: Re: wxGTK breaks on -current
To: Marc Recht <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/23/2003 13:29:59
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Oops, this was meant to be Martin only. So, here the English version for=20
the public...

>>  - remove patch-af


>>  - replace patch-ab with the attached one

It's only 0 byte.

>>  - do the obvious Makefile changes (patch attached)

I'm using the attached version (former mail) for some time now. (IIRC the=20
only real change to the pkgsrc version is the addition of the GL module.)

>> This makes it work for me. Two changes in the attached patch-ab are
>> noteworthy: I didn't understand the setting of "localedir" - that was
>> probably a local test thing accidently commited. And I removed (besides
>> zlib, png, tiff and what-have-you that we already removed) the regex
>> libs too (so the libc versions get used). Did someone feed back this
>> (massive) build system changes to the wxGTK people, suggesting to add
>> config knobs for it?

It's hard to say without actually having the patch, but I'm not that happy=20
with the pkgsrc version of patch-ab, since I don't the season for=20
introducing libtool...

>> I guess it's not the time to commit this right now?

So do I. It really isn't a leaf package...

>> P.P.S.: seems like some apps in pkgsrc depending on this are waiting for
>> an update - so a coordinated update would be good idea.

Developers could add themselfes to the TODO for packages they have done=20
(will do) or for which a PR exists. That way we'd get an overview.

Marc Recht
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