Subject: Re: gcc 2.95.3 issue
To: Sean Davis <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/22/2003 21:39:27
On Sat, 22 Nov 2003, Sean Davis wrote:

> Okay, I know pkgsrc is/was frozen for "stability fixes for branching" or
> some such, but why does every package I try to build now require gcc 2.95.3?

What packages?

I have not seen that (on systems with gcc 2 or gcc 3). Other pkgsrc
developers (I assume) have not seen that either.

Any other details?

> pkgsrc's gcc 2.95.3nb<whatever> doesn't even build, it dies with two errors
> on loop.c (I can try it again and post the errors, but I don't see why it is
> now set to require 2.95.3 in -current/i386 when so much work was put into
> switching -current to 3.3.x.

It should not be requiring 2.95.3. Maybe USE_PKGSRC_GCC is being set.

Yes, please also report those errors. It seems like any gcc compiler
should be able to build gcc.

> This is -current as of oct 26 (1.6ZE), with pkgsrc as of earlier today.

   Jeremy C. Reed