Subject: Re: Changing distfiles
To: Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
From: James K. Lowden <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/21/2003 19:59:05
On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 15:27:16 +0700, Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU> wrote:
>   | Some FTP servers.  MDTM never made it into the standard, afaik.  
> Actually, it has now.   The RFC that includes it is not yet published,
> the RFC editor is currently working on it (so there's no RFC number
> yet).

Ah, thanks for the update.  

> But which don't support it?   I don't think I've encountered such a
> thing (maybe some mainframe versions don't, but are there any of those
> left running) ?

I bumped into it using a proxy server, tis IIRC.  But there are others:

$ ftp -Aa
Connected to
220 Microsoft FTP Service
331 Anonymous access allowed, send identity (e-mail name) as password.
230-This is FTP.Microsoft.Com
230 Anonymous user logged in.
Remote system type is Windows_NT.
ftp> modtime MISC
MDTM is not supported by remote server.
ftp> bye
221  Thank-you for using Microsoft products!

You probably know their ftp client carries a 1988 BSD copyright.  Maybe
their server does to.