Subject: Re: trouble with openmotif
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/21/2003 23:20:06
Francois Laissus wrote:

> cd /usr/pkg/obj/x11/openmotif/work/motif/imports/x11; for dir in bin include lib; do     if [ -e ${dir} ]; then                                  /usr/bin/rm ${dir};                                     fi;                                                     /usr/bin/ln -s /usr/pkg/obj/x11/openmotif/work/.buildlink-x11/${dir} ${dir};            done
> /bin/sh: test: argument expected

On Solaris test/[ doesn't know "-e". The Makefile uses "-d" now since
the tested objects are directories.
Please update your pkgsrc files and try again.

     Klaus Heinz