Subject: Re: mgetty package
To: None <,>
From: Gert Doering <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/18/2003 13:22:54 (Stephane Fortier) writes:

>MAKE_DIRS_PERMS=	/var/spool/fax ${ROOT_USER} ${ROOT_GROUP} 755
>MAKE_DIRS_PERMS=	/var/spool/fax/incoming ${ROOT_USER} ${ROOT_GROUP} 755
>MAKE_DIRS_PERMS=	/var/spool/fax/outgoing ${ROOT_USER} ${ROOT_GROUP} 1777
>MAKE_DIRS_PERMS=	/var/spool/fax/outgoing/locks ${ROOT_USER} ${ROOT_GROUP} 777

For 1.1.29 and up (which includes 1.1.30) the fax/outgoing/ directory
should not be mode 1777 any longer.

The whole point of 1.1.29 and the introduction of the faxq-helper is that
the fax/outgoing/ directory can now be mode 755, owned by $FAX_OUT_USER, 
eliminating all of the previous race condition in accessing that directory.
Using mode 1777 would break this again.

(It also means that faxrunqd can run as user $FAX_OUT_USER, provided that
the system ttys are accessible for this user/group)

/var/spool/fax/outgoing/locks/ doesn't exist any more (since quite a while).

>	${MV} ${WRKSRC}/doc/fax.1in ${WRKSRC}/doc/sendfax.1in

Hmmm, what's that good for?  sendfax has its own man page, which is very
much different from "man fax" (which is the overview page)?  I don't think
it's a good idea to create a sendfax.1 and a sendfax.8 page.

>--- mg_utmp.h.orig	Fri Sep 19 15:48:15 2003=0A=
>+++ mg_utmp.h
>@@ -4,6 +4,22 @@=0A=
>  * highly SysV / BSD dependent=0A=
>  */=0A=
> =0A=
>+#if __NetBSD_Version__ >=3D 106020000 /* NetBSD >=3D 1.6B has =
>SVR4-style utmpx */=0A=

I'd appreciate if portability things like this would be sent back to

(Policy things, like the listed Makefile changes, are local to a specific
environment anyway.  But the C code changes are useful for people installing
from tarballs, so they should be included upstream)

(Besides this I'm not really happy with the style those changes are done)