Subject: Re: GNUstep update flattened
To: Adam Ciarcinski <>
From: Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/18/2003 11:45:25
On 18/11/2003, at 12:15 AM, Adam Ciarcinski wrote:

>>> Is it okay for you if GNUstep is configured with 
>>> '--enable-flattened'?
>> What does that do?
> "In a flattened structure, files are stored at the top-level rather 
> than
> in a '${GNUSTEP_CPU}/${GNUSTEP_OS}/${LIBRARY_COMBO}' subdirectory."

   Hmm, I think we have to be careful with that.  GNUstep installs
in ${PREFIX}/share/GNUstep.  This worked even if "share" was
shared between different archs because of the GNUSTEP_CPU and

> Unless you use GNUstep to support multiple OSes, CPU types and library
> combinations _on_the_same_machine_, you won't need that.

   I don't feel too strongly about the layout, but if we decide
to go along with this, GNUstep needs to move from share/GNUstep
somewhere else ...