Subject: devel/elib split
To: None <>
From: Quentin Garnier <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/17/2003 08:42:49

Currently, devel/pcl-cvs can't be installed for the following reasons:

1) It conflicts with emacs21
2) It depends on devel/elib
3) devel/elib can work with both emacs20 and emacs21, thus depends on
   emacs21 when no emacs package is installed

However, it can't be solved by making devel/elib depending on emacs20
only, because editors/jde also depends on elib while requiring emacs21.

That last fact alone prevents any hope of packaging *both* pcl-cvs and
jde with the same elib package (no matter how hard it is to package
editors/jde these days).

What I propose is simply to import an emacs20-elib package that depends
on emacs20 only, so it can be used by devel/pcl-cvs.  That would require
almost no change to devel/elib, since emacs20-elib could simply include
elib's Makefile, with an EMACS_VERSION_REQD=emacs20 before that.


Quentin Garnier.