Subject: doc/STATUS and Linux
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/04/2003 15:12:20
I see that the doc/STATUS file doesn't not have a "Y" for editors/abiword
under Linux.

Abiword (now) builds and works fine for me under Linux.

Also, STATUS is blank for misc/koffice3 (3 doesn't exist), but
misc/koffice builds, installs and appears to work fine for me under Linux.
(I am currently building again to verify.)

And all the operas should work, once the packages don't require on NetBSD
(and SuSE RPMs). I will test. The openoffice (from source) is same
situation -- maybe I will attempt to make package for latest openoffice
(and import to pkgsrc-wip).

I am pretty sure I have used gnumeric under Linux too (well it built and
installed since I believe I used gnucash from pkgsrc under Linux which
depends on gnumeric). So I built gnucash (and gnumeric) again. gnumeric
(and gnucash) work under Linux.

And I have used KDE3 under Linux. (I had a demo system at a Linuxfest
where over a 1000 people attended; then demo system was running KDE on
Linux as built from pkgsrc last April.) And I have built koffice a few
time since then. But I will build latest complete kde3 metapackage and
test again.

How do things get changed for the STATUS file? (Or may I fix it for
abiword and gnumeric?)

How many people does it have to work for?

(Or where are the notes about what was wrong since they didn't have PR

   Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I will do some of these STATUS tests for BSD/OS and submit them (I
haven't commited my BSD/OS support yet, because I was waiting for an okay
during this freeze. I thought the freeze would be shorter so I would have
BSD/OS support committed by now since I did it weeks ago.)