Subject: Re: flash plugins for many browsers
To: None <>
From: SUNAGAWA Keiki <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/30/2003 15:20:04
> > There's already a package in www/MozillaFirebird-bin-flash.
> Which needs work. It depends on suse_compat, suse_x11 and
> MozillaFirebird-bin which are not needed on some systems running pkgsrc.

> And it installs to lib/MozillaFirebird-linux/plugins which is wrong.

For the moment, it's the package for MozilaFirebird-bin
package, which uses binary compatibility.

> I think I suggested months ago to have one location for all these
> Netscape-style plugins and then have symlinks from each different browser
> as desired.

Do you think a base/common flash plugin package and several
browser-specific ones which handle each symlinks, or another

> Also, why in different directories (graphics vs. www)?

IIRC this is from mainly a historical reason.  In general,
it is difficult to determine where plugins/extensions should
be.  Do we have any guidline or consensus?

> > In addition to above, customizable jumbo packages make it
> > hard to build binary packages.  Even if a package is
> > customizable, a binary package is built with one particular
> > configuration, and it is not apperant on the binary package
> > itself.
> I agree. But they can be cleaned up and used like Makefile.common so other
> packages can be made which are re-using most of the same.

Well, no reason to duplicate the same codes in multiple
places.  What I tried to mention above is that a too
flexible package which has e.g. several make options,
architecuture specific dependency/distfiles/plist handling,
etc. makes the maintenance of the package hard.

I used to handle such a package and found it was just not so
good.  Though, splitting a package to number of the packages
that differ just one make options from each other is not the
way to go.

> Like www/MozillaFirebird-bin-flash and graphics/moz-bin-flash both use a
> Macromedia install_flash_player_6_linux.tar.gz file and both install
> flashplayer.xpt and files.

Then we should solve the issue.

May the peace be with us all.