Subject: package gcc libraries
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/29/2003 10:34:16
Some software links to gcc libraries.

Like under NetBSD: /usr/pkg/bin/AbiWord_d and /usr/pkg/bin/xpdf use:

  -lstdc++.4 => /usr/lib/

This above is from NetBSD's gcc 2.95.3 (and I think that is why there
isn't any needs).

And under Linux using gcc3 from pkgsrc, /usr/bin/addftinfo and
/usr/bin/aspell: => /usr/gcc3/lib/ => /usr/gcc3/lib/
(ignore that the localbase above is /usr -- it is from pkgsrc)

But the packages don't have a run-time dependency on any gcc package.
So if I remove my gcc3-c++ package then the software won't run. Or worse,
if I share the packages to other machines they won't be usable unless
gcc3-c++ is installed first.

Shouldn't there be a run-time dependency when the libraries used are
provided by a gcc3 or gcc3-c++ package?

Has anyone worked on making gcc library packages?

   Jeremy C. Reed