Subject: recursive "make package"
To: None <>
From: Louis Guillaume <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/18/2003 23:21:11
It seems there was some discussion about this a couple years ago, but I 
can't find a workaround or fix anywhere...

I saw something about adding "DEPENDS_TARGET?=package" to /etc/mk.conf, 
but that doesn't seem to do anything.

Except for checking with "pkg_info", how do you tell which packages a 
package depends on? For example, when building wget...

===> Extracting for wget-1.8.2nb1
===> Required installed package perl>=5.0: perl-5.6.1nb9 found
===> Required installed package libtool-base>=1.4.20010614nb11: 
libtool-base-1.4.20010614nb15 found

... where's it getting the list of "Required" packages from? I can't 
seem to find a reference to perl or libtool-base anywhere in the wget 
distribution. I've checked the Makefile and all the *.mk files. How does 
this work?

Any help would be fantastic,