Subject: Re: obsoleting libgetopt
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/12/2003 14:05:28
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Jan Schaumann <> wrote:

> We currently have a package called devel/libgetopt, which (obviously)
> provides getopt --long functionality for those platforms that do not
> have getopt.h.  The following packages use it:
> cad/ng-spice
> converters/autoconvert
> fonts/oto
> graphics/ffmpeg
> sysutils/psmisc
> www/sitecopy
> There are some PRs open that deal with libgetopt (22672, 23099), so
> obviously it's not quite working the way it should where it actually is
> needed (NetBSD doesn't need libgetopt, neither does Irix;  Solaris and
> Darwin, where it's needed, cause problems).
> Given that we have libnbcompat, which provides this functionality
> anyway, I think we should just obsolete libgetopt and replace the
> dependencies with dependencies on libnbcompat.

Is this something that we can/should do during the freeze?  It would fix
the above mentioned PRs, and should, in theory at least, not introduce
any problems.

The change for each Makefile would be limited to replacing

=2Einclude "../../devel/libgetopt/"


=2Eif !exists(/usr/include/getopt.h)
=2E  include "../../pkgtools/libnbcompat/"


Life," said Marvin, "don't talk to me about life."

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