Subject: Unknown package errors from lintpkgsrc?
To: None <>
From: Rob Quinn <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/09/2003 15:25:47
  How do I get rid of "Unknown package" errors from lintpkgsrc?  This happens
on my NetBSD and Solaris boxes:

     #lintpkgsrc -i
     Scanning pkgsrc Makefiles: 4164 packages                          
     Unknown package: 'gcc3' version 3.3nb5
     #pkg_info gcc3
     Information for gcc3-3.3nb5:

  I reinstalled gcc3 several times when it first started, but not recently.

  And while I'm at it, how do I get rid of this:

     Version mismatch: 'perl' 5.8.1 vs 5.8.1rc,5.6.1nb9
     #pkg_info perl
     Information for perl-5.8.1:

  Likewise, reinstalling didn't help, but it burned a lot of CPU reinstalling a
ton of dependencies.