Subject: unwanted -ldb in a .la file -- where does this dependency_libs come
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/08/2003 16:57:52
My sysutils/gnome-vfs build failed with:

  ld: cannot find -ldb

I tracked it down to

It has "-ldb" in the dependency_libs list.

I did have a lib/ -- it is a symlink to my as
provided by db-2.7.7nb1 package. I have no idea where this symlink came
from. It removed that symlink. As far as I know, it should never be
needed. (This particular libc no longer provides libdb, version 1.)

I removed, cleaned and rebuilt and installed libgnomeui.

It has the -ldb in dependency_libs line again.

I looked at .buildlink/bin/.libtool-fix-la and  at the libtool script and
at the libgnomeui-2.2.2/libgnomeui/.libs/ files. But didn't see any
reference to "ldb".

I also looked at every other .la file under the lib/ directories on the
system and no "ldb".

Where can I look to find how and why this -ldb is added to my
lib/ file?

Thank you,

   Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. gnome-vfs built fine once I manually removed the -ldb from the .la